2 October 2007

Using Your Tasks in Outlook

In a busy office sometimes your automatic task reminders are the only way you can remember all the things you need to do, but I am pretty old school when it comes to new technology and it took me a few years before I decided I could trust using the Task function in Outlook. Now I don't know what I would do without it! I rely on my Tasks to follow up on many things during the day, from court deadlines, reminders to call clients, to reminding myself to make a dental appointment. So if you haven't gotten into the habit of using Tasks, give it a try and you may never look back.

Again, I will turn it over to my sister to give you hints on using the Task function:

"To set a task reminder:
  • File - New - Task (or Ctrl - Shift - K)
  • Type in the Subject: i.e. "send a reminder notice to all involved in the upcoming conference"
  • Set the Reminder/Task date
  • You can set your Priority and Status if you want but I don't normally bother with that
  • It's important to click on the Reminder check-box and set when you want to be reminded so that you actually get sent the task reminder.
  • Use the space provided to make any notes i.e. where files are located, e-mails, etc. to complete the task"

    Submitted by Lynn, Admin Assistant

Quick Tip:

When you set the start date, it automatically sets the due date as the same date, which is probably what you want.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia,

Just a quick note on this post. One thing that I tend to do is clik on the "Next Seven Days" radio button in the "Current View" section, since I don't want to overwhelm myself with too much information.



Patricia Robb said...

I will try that as sometimes there are so many things in my Tasks it can seem overwhelming. But I still don't know what I would do without this feature. I depend on it!