26 October 2007

What's in a Name?

When I am asked what I do for a living, I usually say I am an Administrative Assistant (or a Legal Assistant). As an old-timer, however, I still sometimes use the name Secretary when describing what I do.

A friend of mine thinks that since our title change to Administrative Assistant our duties and workloads have increased and she longs for the day she could be a “Secretary” again. And she could be right, as our role has evolved into something much more demanding, but in my opinion much more interesting.

I enjoy the challenges of being an Administrative Assistant and I definitely like the title change. But sometimes the word Administrative Assistant is just too formal for me or too stuffy or just too plain professional sounding.

I have named my blog Secretaries Helping Secretaries. Original, no, but I wanted it to be simple and easy to find and you would know at a glance what audience I was trying to reach. I wanted it to be welcoming and not stuffy or rigid or too proper. And Administrative Assistants Helping…well you know, would just be too awkward to say.

I guess I could have thought up a real catchy name like Super Admins or something. Now that would get people’s attention! Should I stop now? Maybe given my poor naming abilities, it is a good thing I called it Secretaries Helping Secretaries.

I am a professional in my job, but I guess I am old enough to be comfortable still referring to myself as a Secretary and not be offended.

Anyway, thanks for visiting!


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