8 October 2007

Upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007?

Here is a site that will help you: The New Paperclip.

The New Paperclip, http://www.thenewpaperclip.com/, (accessed October 8, 2007) Taken from OfficePro Express, IAAP.


Anonymous said...


I actually heard some mixed reviews of this product. The interface is completely different and have to almost re-learn most of the ways things are done.

I also heard that this is just a software upgrade for people that are very interested in the "latest" products and doesn't really offer major benefits.

That's just my 2 cents worth.



Patricia Robb said...

I was just passing this information on as I have heard nothing about it until I got the IAAP e-bulletin. We are still using 2003 software in my office:)