13 October 2007

Customizing Your Toolbar

Something you might like to do is to customize your Toolbar in Word. I like my Toolbar set up for my working convenience and what I am familiar with.

To customize the Toolbar in Word do the following:

Select View
Select Toolbars
Select Customize
Select the Commands Tab and follow the drag and drop instructions in the dialogue box (see below).
"To add a command to a toolbar: select a category and drag the command out of this dialog box to a toolbar."

A Good Hint to Consider:

Take a Printscreen of how you set up your toolbar and print it out and keep in a safe place. This will save you from having to re-create it from memory.

To take a PrintScreen of your toolbar do the following:

While in your Word document press the *PrintScreen key on your keyboard (usually located in the top right hand corner). Open a new document in Word and paste it in by either using Ctrl V or from the toolbar click on **Edit > Paste.
*On the newer keyboards you actually need to press the fn key and then the PrintScreen key.
**In Word 2007 in the toolbar click on Home > Paste.

Quick tips:

While in Customize, you can remove icons from your toolbar as well by dragging and dropping.

A quick way to customize your Toolbar is to right click on your Toolbar area > choose Customize and continue as above.

You can also customize the Toolbar in Outlook, Excel and PPT the same way.

Idea submitted by my former co-worker Nelly

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