28 October 2007

The Office Fridge

The office fridge can be a mess
Something has spilt, something's been left
That plastic container has been there a year
No one will open it, out of fear

Expiry dates have long been ignored
Drinks are lined up on the door
Is it yours or is it mine?
I can't remember if I brought that kind

Lots of lunches there to see
That one's green though - should it be?
The office fridge can be a friendly place
If people don't abuse the space

If you put in a lunch, be sure to claim
And identify with date and name
Clean out the fridge when you have time
And make Fridays the "throw-out" deadline

Lynn Crosbie writes office etiquette poems in Ottawa, Canada. She has been an Administrative Assistant for over 25 years. You can contact her through this blogspot or by emailing me at pattyannrobb@rogers.com.

Funny poem with some good advice. It seems the office refrigerator is treated the same in a lot of workplaces. Someone emailed me today and said their office fridge was so bad their solution was to throw the whole refrigerator out and buy a new one.

Here are a few common sense approaches to the office refrigerator that were on the Etiquette School of Ohio's blogsite. Click here to go to site.

Enjoy your lunch everyone!

1 Muskopf-Hyde, Sandra, Etiquette School of Ohio, Office Refrigerator Etiquette, http://etiquetteschoolofohio.com/?p=39, (accessed October 28, 2007)

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