30 January 2016

The little things

When learning something new it is usually the little things that can seem overwhelming.  I just learnt a new program to search patient names for information and medical records.  I recall the person telling me how to use the program and it seemed very complicated: Log in, enter your password, press F1 if you want to do this, F2 if you want to do that.  When you get to this screen, look on the right-hand side and press F11 ...  You can see what I mean.  I thought I was never going to get it as there seemed to be just too many things to remember.  But after a few times using it, the little things started to become common place.  I didn't need to think about them anymore as they were now part of how I used the program.  What seemed hard at first is now very easy.  And isn't that how it is when starting a new job or taking on a new task? 

I only knew one person when I started my new job, but now I am putting names to faces and don't even have to think about it anymore.  I was nervous the first day I had to take minutes at an advisory committee meeting.  It was a big group and I wasn't sure how I was going to get the attendance straight when I hadn't met most of the participants before.  Now after my second meeting, I only had to ask my colleague who one person was.  Everyone else has become familiar.

That also goes for new processes and tasks.  I support two meetings and there is lots to do for each meeting.  Some of the things are becoming routine.  Now all I have to concentrate on is taking the minutes, everything else is falling into place.

So if you are starting a new job or have something new to learn, keep in mind that in a relatively short time everything will start to make sense and become part of the routine.  Give yourself time to learn and you will eventually get it. 

13 January 2016

Florida here I come!

This summer I will be presenting at the AdminPro Forum 2016 in Florida and am really looking forward to it.  Keynote speakers include Joan Burge, Lucy Brazier, Julie Perrine and Laura Stack.  I have enjoyed the teachings of most of these ladies over the years and am thrilled to be participating with them and look forward to learning from them too.  
Recently on Facebook on the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) page they had a question on what would be the ideal gift from your boss or coworker on Admin Professionals Day.  Not surprisingly, many of the comments, including mine, were in favour of a chance to go on paid professional development.  There isn't always a budget for professional development for administrative professionals, but given the nature of our jobs, we really do need a time to get our batteries re-charged, network with our peers and get some tips and tools to do our job better.  I find every time I go to an admin conference I come back motivated and always learn something that I can bring back to the office to make my job easier or to share with a co-worker. 

For more information on AdminPro Forum 2016, please click on the website and if you are able to join us, please register at this linkI hope to see you there!