9 September 2018

Trouble in the office

I always enjoy Anita's insights.  This is a good read on ways to handle passive/aggressive colleagues.

2 September 2018

Virtual Assistance: What a way to work!

I have recently been doing some online work and it has opened up a whole new world for me.  Of course others have been on the bandwagon for some time and are doing quite well.  What do they know that I don't and why have I not moved on this before now?

Striking out on your own can be frightening.  Especially when you are used to the traditional workplace of going to an office, getting a steady paycheck, being on the company pension and benefit plan, etc.  There are definitely things to consider, but the opportunities can be limitless.

I always thought the ideal situation would be if you had two incomes, as in a spousal relationship.  Then if the other partner had a 9 to 5 job with all the trimmings, striking out on your own would not be as risky.  But what if you are on your own like I am? 

I think I just answered my own question about being an entrepreneur.  The definition of an entrepreneur is exactly the opposite of security.  Some people have a dream and go for it.  Right now, I'm sitting on the fence so it would seem that I am not currently an entrepreneur, but I could be.  I have always been a late bloomer, but when I put my mind to something, watch out!

I have spoken to a few individuals who have done well on their own.  They have taken the things they are really good at and have effectively marketed it.  But where do I start? 

I found a good article on the importance of the virtual assistant website that is worth a read if you are curious about it and a must read if you are planning on it.  8 Must-Have Elements For Your Virtual Assistant Website

Also, I plan to continue to talk to people about it.  I want to get all the information I can before I move forward.  Here are some virtual assistant sites that inspired me to think that I could do this:

Canadian Virtual Gurus
Virtual Office Guy
Hire My Mom
Jennie Lyon VA

Baby boomers, of which I am one, are on the move.  We are all at the age where we can leave if we can afford it.  At the organization where I currently work it seemed for a time there was an announcement of someone's retirement every week.  A few were done in clusters because there were two or three leaving at the same time.  And as I walk the halls, I see a lot of gray heads that are either contemplating retirement soon or have already given their notice.

I am anticipating retirement, but can't see that I will be happy with the traditional idea of retirement such as travelling, cottage life, cruises, etc.  It's not that I don't want to do those things, I do, but I want a little more than that too.

People are healthier than they used to be at this age and I don't think we are ready to throw in the towel quite yet.  I remember when some of the people I knew growing up retired.  Of course I was younger at the time, and I thought they were so old, but now that I've reached that age, I don't feel old at all - well, except for the natural creaks and groans that come with age, I feel pretty darn good and I still have a lot to offer professionally.

I do want to take time to smell the roses in my retirement though.  I have two lovely grandsons that I enjoy spending time with, but they are getting older and at some point they won't want to spend as much time with their Granny as they do right now.  If I call them to go for ice cream and play in the park, they are excited to go.  In a few years time one of them will be a pre-teen and I just can't see that happening anymore.  I'll miss it like I do now when I think back to my daughter when she was younger, but I'm happy she is grown and independent with her own family and I feel the same about my grandsons. 

So what will I do with my time?  Working virtually seems to be a nice answer to that question.  I won't have to go to work and can work as much as I want from the comfort of my home.  I also have friends who have retired and are skilled as an administrative professional, who also want to work now and again and earn some money to take a vacation.  Sounds like a recipe for a good business.

Stay tuned...