19 October 2007

The Little Yellow Sticky

What would we do without the yellow sticky? Here are a few things I use them for:
  • flagging pages in a book
  • reminder notes to myself which I stick on my computer
  • quick instructions on correspondence or a file
  • if a co-worker is not at their desk and I need them for something, I leave a sticky on their computer screen with a quick note
  • at home I put a reminder on my alarm clock or front door if I need to remember to do something that day

If you have other uses for the yellow sticky that might help someone else, put it in the comments at the bottom of this post and pass it on.

Important tip
The yellow sticky is meant for temporary use only, don't depend on it if you need something more permanent.

Electronic Yellow Stickies
You can even have yellow stickies on your computer desktop. Click here for an electronic yellow sticky for your desktop that is really neat. Be sure to check with your IT Department before downloading anything to your computer at work.

If you haven't heard the story of how the yellow sticky idea got started, click here2

1 http://dnl.crawlertools.com/install/sap_landing_notes.aspx?tbid=60299&s=1&banner_id=GGL_CT_ppc07_60299_13_01_13_CA_-Search-__electronic%20post%2 0it (accessed October 19, 2007)

2 www.snopes.com, Sticking With it, http://www.snopes.com/business/origins/post-it.asp (accessed October 19, 2007)

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