20 May 2008

What is your Mirror Face?

I just got my new driver’s license. This was the year I needed to have my photo taken and I take a horrible posed picture. When I am posing for a picture I am too conscious of how I look and I end up trying too hard.

How come when I comment how bad my photo is and a co-worker asks to see it they normally shrug and say, “Looks just like you”? Thanks a lot...

I was speaking with someone about bad photos and he said a friend of his calls that her "mirror face". It is hard to smile naturally while looking in a mirror because...well, you are smiling at yourself, usually by yourself. It’s hard to be photogenic in the bathroom...

I especially hate getting my picture taken at work functions because I am usually caught in the middle of eating or laughing with my mouth wide open. Probably the worst photos are those on passports. How do the security people at airports not laugh out loud looking at those? I always apologize for my awful picture when I go through the line. I’m sure the security people have heard it over and over again, “I don’t normally look that bad”, as they look at you without a smile and stamp your passport and tell you to move along.

The next time you are showing your photo, don’t apologize. Just tell them that is your mirror face.

Photo of my great-nephew Dean looking at his mirror face, taken by his mom Corrinna.

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