7 May 2008

Interesting Job Posting

I have to give this person points for an interesting and appealing job posting that he called "Master-of-everything-administrative-assistant". The title is what got my attention.

The writer has certainly made it seem like a great place to work for any administrative assistant and they definitely seem to understand the role we can play in the office. If I was in the Colorado area I might even check it out for myself.

I am not intending to use this blogspot to pass on job postings, but this one was interesting and I thought it was worth passing along for reading value alone, but if you are in the area...


Anonymous said...

Patricia -- I am a new reader of your blog and was surprised to see you posting about jobs in Colorado while you're in Canada! I am located in Denver and actually -just- applied to this job yesterday afternoon and very much hope to hear from them. I'm not sure if your posting just increased my competition, though! :-)

Patricia Robb said...

Yes I know. I was thinking that when I posted it. I don't want to get into the job posting business, but I enjoyed the creativity this person used in writing this job posting. They really did seem to appreciate the work an admin assistant does. It would be great to work somewhere where your skills were so valued.

I wish you success in your application. Like I said, if I was in the area I would have tried for it myself :)