6 May 2008

20 Things I Have Learned From My Mistakes...

I was on another blog and they had a section for 10 things they had done that they didn't think anyone else had done. I tried to think of 10 things I had done that others might not have done, but I could only come up with a few and even those I thought others probably had done. I did however come up with 20 things that I have learned from my mistakes over the years, both at the office and personally. Here goes...

  1. After losing information on my computer too many times, I have learned to save my documents regularly;
  2. After putting an original document in the locked confidential storage bin and keeping the one I meant to throw out, I learned to look carefully before I dispose of documents;
  3. After booking my boss at a hotel that was clear across town from the airport he landed in, I learned to ask the right questions when booking travel;
  4. After booking a venue and showing up on the day of the event and they had no record of my booking, I have learned to write down the confirmation number and call ahead to confirm;
  5. After asking the same question of our IT Department more than once, I have learned to write the answer down for the next time I need it;
  6. After buying my breakfast and lunch for years, I have learned to save money by eating at home and bringing my lunch;
  7. I have learned to always keep good filing records and never to send a document without keeping a copy on the file;
  8. I have learned never to put the e-mail recipient's name in the 'To' section until after I finish typing the e-mail and I'm absolutely sure that is what I want to send;
  9. I have learned to check and re-check e-mails to make sure I am sending to the correct recipient and if I say I have an attachment to make sure I do and that it is the right attachment;
  10. I have learned to set tasks for e-mails I have sent to follow up and make sure the work is done on time;
  11. I have learned to check my boss's airline tickets carefully, after a travel agent mistakenly put their name as the passenger instead of my boss's name;
  12. I have learned to ask my boss when a job needs to be completed after putting some work aside that I didn't think was urgent and then finding out it was due that afternoon;
  13. I have learned to put things neatly in special bins so I can find them immediately after spending too much time searching for something only to find it was in a pile on my desk;
  14. I have learned to shave my legs every day after not shaving my legs and then realizing I had an appointment with my personal trainer that afternoon;
  15. I have learned to always have breath mints in my purse after having garlic bread for supper and then sitting on the bus the next day beside someone who wanted to talk;
  16. After having my apartment broken into, I have learned to be more careful who I give my key to;
  17. After having my laptop stolen I have learned to not keep my contacts and digital photos on the hard drive;
  18. In my very first secretarial job I learned never to say the building next door is on fire until I check to make sure it is not the reflection of a very bright setting sun on the window;
  19. After commenting to a woman that she must be so proud her daughter was getting married, only to find out it was her younger sister, I have learned never to assume anything;
  20. I have learned never to ask a woman if she is pregnant.


Babyanne said...

First of all I love your blog. Today's post is wonderful especially the last one. My husband and I have tried to have children for over 3/4 of our marriage and have been blessed with two wonderful boys.

There were countless times that people would come up to me (on a particularily bloated day) and ask me when my due date was. My advise to EVERYONE is: unless a woman is in labour on the floor in front of you DO NOT EVER ASK IF SHE IS PREGNANT

Patricia Robb said...

I was chuckling as I was writing these lessons learned. You can do a lot of crazy things in 30 years.

And I really did think the building next door was on fire...
they teased me about that one for a long time :)

I think I made the mistake of asking if someone was pregnant once when I was young. Never again :)