7 May 2008

Is there ever a good excuse for being late?

Here is an interesting post from Anita Bruzzese's 45 Things blog where she asks the question "Is being late a sin?"

That is a good question. How do our employers and other co-workers view it when we are late and is there ever a good excuse for being late?

I must admit I am not an early bird and when I do happen to show up early my co-workers almost fall off their chairs in shock. I seem to be consistently ten minutes late. I don't know how I plan it so well, but one woman I used to work with nicknamed me "10 after 9 Pat".

In my defence, even though I am 10 minutes late each morning, I am not a slacker. I often work through my lunch breaks and work after hours many evenings whenever I need to get a job done. I just seem to have a hard time in the morning.

I do however appreciate the need to be on time. Most people work in a team environment. When we are late we throw off the team momentum. People are relying on us to get to work on time. As you will see from Anita's post, she is one of those who appreciates keeping on time. She does however raise some interesting questions about our new work culture.

OK tomorrow I will try to be on time...
Be prepared to fall off your chairs people, here I come...


Anita said...

Thanks for the link! I know people who set their clocks 10 minutes early just so they won't be late. But then, they know it's set early, so then they're 20 minutes late. Sort of defeats the purpose, I think.
Anita Bruzzese

Patricia Robb said...

Yes you are right. I tried that route and it didn't help.

I enjoy your blog site and read it regularly and this article definitely caught my eye.