22 March 2008

We Stand on Guard for Thee: The Assistant as the Professional Gatekeeper

The administrative assistant is the face and voice of an organization to anyone who calls or visits. An assistant can often be the professional gatekeeper as to who gets in to see the boss and how quickly they get to speak to them on the phone.

I found this neat blog "The Thin Pink Line: Four Women for Women". I have added it to my links of blogs that I read.

Today they have a post that I thought would interest you called Getting Through the Admin. Assistant. I agree with her assistant's suggestions and would add one: Be respectful. It always amazes me when someone calls wanting to speak to my boss and they are rude.

As assistants we have a responsibility when meeting or speaking with people on the phone to be professional, courteous and helpful. We also need to be aware and respectful of our professional's time and screen calls to only let people through who really need to speak with them. Some things we may be able to assist people with or pass on to someone else.

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Anonymous said...

This is quite true. We really are the gatekeepers. It's amazing of how much power we really are given, yet we don't have to worry about the bottom line of issues.

People do have to be careful of how they treat us, since we can make their lives, well, you can figure this one out.


Richard Rinyai