18 March 2008

The Performance Appraisal: How are you Performing?

I don’t look forward to filling out my performance appraisal form, especially the self evaluation part. My mind seems to go completely blank when it comes to listing my achievements and what goals I want to accomplish. It reminds me of when I went to a doctor’s appointment while I was pregnant. As soon as the doctor asked me if I had any questions, I couldn't think of a thing to say. All the books I had read recommended that you write your questions down and bring them with you. Simple, but effective and it can work the same way when you are preparing for your performance appraisal. You can start by keeping a record of complimentary e-mails you have received and successes you are particularly proud of. I received a nice e-mail from a client recently and thought that this e-mail was something that I should keep for appraisal time.

I have created a subfolder in Outlook called Performance Appraisal and this is where I put these types of e-mails. For instance, if I arranged a successful conference or if I was involved in a project that I am proud of, I send myself a short message detailing that, which I then drag and drop into my Performance Appraisal subfolder. When it comes time for my next review I read over the e-mails and am better equipped to fill out a more thorough and well thought out appraisal form.

Don’t let it sneak up on you?

Another way to prepare for your performance review is to get a copy of the appraisal form ahead of time so you can start thinking about the questions and write down notes that will prompt you come appraisal time. You should be able to get this from your Human Resources Department.

Each of our appraisal forms will be different, but there are some common questions that are asked and I have listed some of them to get you thinking.

What are your key accomplishments?

This is where the collection of notes and e-mails will come in handy to remind you about your accomplishments. We do so much throughout the year it is easy to forget about some of the older accomplishments.

What are Your Goals?

Do you have goals that you have set for yourself in your position? If not, think of some things that are doable. Maybe your goals are related to your supervisor’s goals in which case you would need to brush up on what those goals are and how your goals can relate.

Evaluate Yourself

Many performance appraisal forms have an evaluation form that is ranked by the employee and their supervisor. If you rank yourself high, be prepared to explain why.

Some things to think about are:

· What is the quality of your work?
· What is the quantity of work and how are you handling it?
· How is your time management? Are you reliable and do you have a good attendance record?
· Are you able to adapt to change?
· Do you take responsibility for your work or do you play the “blame game”?
· How is your written and oral communication?
· Are you a team player? Do you get along with your co-workers?
· Do you show leadership skills?
· Do you demonstrate the required skills for the job?
· How are your problem solving and decision-making skills?
· How are your planning and organization skills?
· Are you able to delegate?
· Do you comply with company policies?
· Are you self motivated? Are you able to motivate others?

Personal Development

These are the steps you are taking to further your career. This includes courses and training programs and would also be a good place to put your involvement in your professional organization.

Some other things to consider would be:

· Is there any training that you believe is necessary to fulfill the requirements of your position?
· What steps are you considering to further your development? This could be on your own initiative and personal time or on-the-job training opportunities.

The Performance Appraisal is Important

Don't downplay the Performance Appraisal. In some organizations raises are tied to how well you do. It is also a record that is kept on your personnel file and you want it to reflect accurately how you are performing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get clarification if you need it.

Performance Appraisal Meetings are also a time for your boss to let you know about any upcoming jobs they may want you to be involved in. You need to ensure they know what your workload is like now. Something may need to be taken away before you can take on more work and this is the time to discuss it. Taking on new jobs can be rewarding, so don't miss the opportunity to learn something new to keep your job interesting and challenging.


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Our firm has actually implemented an online system of where we need to fill out our annual performance appraisals. There's also a section of where you can record your accomplishments throughout the year.


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I am from India and would like to say that here there is no standard for Performance Appraisal. this differs from company to company. I always feel to retain our employees we need to make Performance Appraisal every 6 months. thanks for your detailed explanation.

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