10 March 2008

Holy Snowbank Batman!

We are shovelling our way out from a big snowfall on the weekend. This is a photo of a friend's daughter by a snowbank that was voted "the biggest snowbank on their block". I have seen some snowbanks over 10 feet high.
People have no place to put the snow so the snowbanks keep getting higher and higher. We are expecting more snow on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Thank goodness it is March break and lots of parents are home with their children. The kids are loving this.
I think the most hilarious sights I've seen so far are of people waiting on 6 ft. snowbanks for the bus. Talk about having to step down into the bus. I could see people looking at me on my snowbank bus stop this morning smiling as they drove by.

I thought my readers in South Africa, the Southern States and anywhere else that does not have snow would enjoy this photo. Click here if you want to read more about our wacky weather in this article in the Ottawa Sun called Under the Weather.
Photo taken in Ottawa, Canada on March 10, 2008.

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