11 March 2008

Egads Robin! Where's the Batmobile?

Where would we be without a little bit of humour to lighten up our day?
This is a picture of a car in my parking lot that was almost totally buried in snow this past weekend.
Sometimes we can feel buried at work with all that is on our plate. I'm sort of feeling like that these days. Lots of changes, lots of work and at times it feels overwhelming, but just like this car the owners finally did get it dug out. Maybe they got some help from one of the neighbours or some friends, but all the cars in our parking lot have finally been shovelled out. I know at work I will eventually get dug out too. Maybe with a little help from some of my co-workers, but things will get normal again.
One of my co-workers was remarking on that very thing today. It is great when you can work together as a team. It can lighten the load and lift the burden of feeling swamped and humour in the midst of that can help.
I believe laughing and work, in moderation, is good for productivity and overall morale and I finally found an article that supports that theory in Humor is a Laughing Matter at Good Workplaces. I chose Laughing and Survival as key words in the title of my blog because I feel without the one you could never do the other.
I am not going to continue with the Batman theme, but it was fun while it lasted and gave me a good laugh. I have a few more photos I will be sharing with you. These snowbanks are just too amazing to pass up the photo opportunity, but pretty soon I will be back to business.
Enjoy the rest of your week everyone. The week is half over and for those affected by the time change, after this week it will be less noticeable. And best of all, spring is just around the corner.
Photo taken by Ken Robb in Ottawa, Canada

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