2 March 2008

Job Posting with a Twist

After reading numerous job postings for Administrative Assistants (most requiring you to walk on water), I thought I would write this job posting from an assistant's point of view.

Administrative Assistant seeks professional for a great working opportunity. Applicants must be respectful of their assistant and have a good understanding of everything they do in a day. The professional should be willing to work with the assistant on projects and give as much detail as possible to complete the task. The ideal candidate must have excellent management skills, excellent communication skills and a professional demeanour.

The Administrative Assistant is seeking someone who will not hover, but will leave the urgent task with clear instructions on when it is needed and what is required, and then return to their office to work on other matters. Applicants must write clearly and if using short forms, explain what they mean to the assistant.

The applicant must be someone who is mindful of the time it takes to do tasks when passing on many projects. The applicant must never be demeaning or roll their eyes.

Aptitude tests will be given in Outlook Calendar to ensure proper scheduling techniques and in Word to avoid formatting problems when passing work onto the assistant.

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