26 March 2008

Speedy Gonzales

My nickname while growing up was Speeder. My dad called me Speeder because he said when he called me to do the dishes I was always so sloooow...to show up. My family still calls me that.

I am very competitive however and while I may have been slow in doing the dishes, in highschool I tried to be as fast and as accurate as I could in typing and shorthand and just about anything else I tried. There was a time I could type 100 wpm with no errors (and that was on a manual typewriter). So I've slowed down when I look at my typing score below.

When you think about it, assistants don't type as much as we used to - at least I don't. I tend to cut and paste when creating a large document and very rarely have to type it from scratch. When I type letters I am usually composing them at the same time so that slows me down.

Have fun with it and if you care to let me know your score, you know I will be trying hard to beat it :)

86 words

Click here to take the typing test.

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