10 March 2008

Daylight Cranky Time: What Time is it Anyway?

As I drag myself out of bed this morning I wonder again why we spring ahead and fall back?

Typically this will be a week of tired and cranky office workers as we adjust to the new time. I remember back to the days when I had a young daughter. Young children's internal time clocks have not adjusted and they don't understand that the time has changed. Actually, I don't understand why the time has changed.

I was enjoying getting up in the morning and it being light out. This morning I am back in the dark. Granted it will be nice after work going home in the daylight, but hey wait a minute, I was already starting to go home in the daylight.

We are told we will save energy at night by not having to turn on the lights as early, but we use extra energy by having to turn on the lights in the morning. I'm confused.

Talk about confusing, have you ever tried changing the clock in your car? A friend of mine just leaves hers because she can't figure it out. When we are driving together we are always mindful that the clock is wrong. I hope she remembers this morning and gets to work on time. Or maybe this is the time the clock will finally be right. What time is it anyway?


Anonymous said...

Great article. Funny.

Anonymous said...

This is quite true. As for the clock in the car, ask her to check her manual. If she doesn't have one, you can always find them on the internet.


Richard Rinyai

Patricia Robb said...

Thanks Richard for the tip.