16 January 2008

Meetings: A Poem by Lynn Crosbie

So you've organized a meeting; arranged the venue, time and date
You've sent everyone the details and hope no one is late
You've checked to make sure the "key" people can attend
While other members have arranged for a delegate to send

You've ordered the catering and hope people like the food
You've checked out the A.V. and everything is good
You've copied all the hand-outs, you’ve placed them on the chairs
Everyone has good directions; no problems getting there

You've made travel arrangements for your out-of-town guests
And you've booked a hotel so they have a place to rest
You've sent them their Itinerary and the confirmations too
You've kept within budget and paid the bills before they're due

You've made all your deadlines with the help of to-do lists
You wanted to make sure that nothing got missed
You're working behind the scenes, taking great care
To make sure everything is perfect and everyone is there

Lynn Crosbie writes office ettiquette poems in Ottawa, Canada and has been an Administrative Assistant for over 25 years.

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