12 January 2008

Swearing in the Workplace

Networkworld posted an article called Never mind the b******t, swearing at work is a good thing,1 suggesting that swearing in the workplace is good for our working relationships and can help to relieve stress. The New York times however in their article The 4-Letter-Word Patrol is in Pursuit2 takes a look at the negative aspects of swearing in the workplace and the push by some to clean up our language at work.

I have worked in offices where there was a zero tolerance for swearing and in other offices where swearing was common and acceptable. There seems to be a lot of controversy over this issue, but personally I think swearing is inappropriate for the office environment and comes across as unprofessional.

No matter what your position is, however, I would suggest you check what your office policy states to make sure you are in compliance and if your office has a zero tolerance for swearing you need to check your language at the door and be aware of what you are saying as it could affect your career.

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