13 January 2008

Do any of these sound familiar?

I was transcribing a particularly long dictation and as I was coming to the end of it I heard my boss say three words that sounded like music to my aching ears - “End of Tape”.

Here are a few others that I hear often and thought maybe you could relate to:

"Why didn't I know about that meeting?" (Maybe they didn't look in their calendar!)

"I just sent you an e-mail" (and then they proceed to tell you what they said in the e-mail)

"You mean, she (your bosses' wife) didn't leave her phone number." "I don't have it." (Sorry, never thought you wouldn't have your wife’s phone number...I'll remember next time)

"Why don't you go home early" (This said five minutes before your "usual" quitting time)

"Oh, was it really Admin. Assistant’s week last week? Sorry I missed it." (But no thanks or anything to go along with the "sorry")

"I need to get in touch with someone whose name sounds like this and he is the President or CEO or something of this organization that I can't recall the name of...oh yeah, and I need to get in touch with him URGENTLY. Know who I mean?" (Of course, you have no idea, but say yes, let me look into it)

"Did you book my flight for tomorrow?" (This is the first you heard of it)

The one I dislike the most is “There is a typo " and I think the one I hear the most is, “This is urgent!”.

By Lynn Crosbie and Patricia Robb

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