22 January 2008

Interview Poem

You're going on an interview, whether by choice or necessity
You have to go in with confidence, and being prepared is the key
When they say, "Tell me about yourself", that’s not the time to babble
Don't talk about your kids and spouse or your financial trouble

You could be asked things like, "What have you learnt from your mistakes?"
or, "Why should we hire you over the other candidates?"
Where do you see yourself in five years, that's a good question
Or how do you handle a difficult co-worker or a stressful situation

When asked what your skills are, how do you remember them all
Taking the time to write acronyms could help you with your recall
R-O-D, for Reliable, Organized, and Dedicated, is an example for you
Whatever helps you to remember, it’s something you need to do

Try to stay calm and relaxed; show them your great personality
They're also looking for a good fit, with the employees in their company
When they ask you a question, take the time to think about it
They won't hold that against you, and you will benefit

You want a new job but is this the right one for you
Find out about the organization and be sure to ask questions too
You could ask what the work hours are, and what computer programs they use
But wait, don't quit your job just yet, until an offer's been made to you

Lynn Crosbie writes office etiquette poems in Ottawa, Canada. She has been an administrative assistant for over 25 years.


Anonymous said...

I am a high school teacher (a previous Adminstrative assistant) who is instructing her students on resume writing and the interview process. I am using your poem in class. Thank you for writing it!

Patricia Robb said...

I'll let my sister know as she is the one who writes the poems. Glad you were able to use it.


Anonymous said...

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