11 January 2008

The Filing Poem by Lynn Crosbie

I hope Lynn's poem on filing will motivate you to do this necessary but boring task. Enjoy!

Someone's Gotta do it.

To most people filing isn't much fun
But when locating a file is number one
You need to know that you can find
The file your boss has in mind

If your company has a policy, follow those rules
Otherwise, organize it in a way that's best for you
Whether it's numerical or alpha is your choice to make
But not having a good filing system is a big mistake

A lot of paper to file, or maybe it's just one
Do something everyday and eventually you'll get it done
It may be hard to get motivated and you want to leave it alone
But tomorrow's another day and there's more paper to come

If your desire to continue gets slightly diminished
Continue to forge ahead, you'll feel better when it's finished
Filing is something we all have in our workplace
Electronic or paper, eventually there's a file we need to trace

There's a sense of achievement you don’t want to miss
When you can find a file in five seconds or less
Keep on filing and smiling. Yes, it's something you can do
You've chosen this career and people are counting on you

Lynn Crosbie writes office ettiquette poems in Ottawa, Canada and has been an Administrative Assistant for over 25 years.

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