22 July 2008

Having a good working reputation

Some people say it is who you know that gets you the job. Networking and knowing lots of people is a good thing, but I think the reason some people know so many people and have good connections is because they have a good reputation and people think highly of them. The two work together.

Having a good working reputation is important. You will be the first person that comes to mind when an employer is looking to fill a position.

Here are some things I have found help to earn a good reputation at work?
  • Be a hardworker
    My first job back in the workforce, my new boss gave me a chance in a field I had no experience in, but he said he wanted me to work hard. I took that literally and polished up my work habits. I was eager to learn and tried to focus on what I needed to do. After my three-month probation was over my boss remarked at what a hard worker I was. I was glad it showed, I had really tried to do the best job I could.
  • Be available
    I have found if you are available in a crunch that will go a long way. Be available to work overtime when required. Work through your lunch hour if there is a pending deadline to get something done. Be the first on the scene to volunteer your services if a need arises. You do not have to give up your work-life balance, but when something urgent arises, try to be available to assist or come up with other options that might work.
  • Be a teamplayer
    Where I work we cover for each other when any of us are away on planned or unplanned leave. I find when someone is away it is a good courtesy to go to the boss who is without assistance and let them know you are there to help if needed. They will appreciate it and your co-workers will appreciate being able to rely on you and vice versa.
    When you are having a slow day or if you see your co-worker is swamped, give them a hand. You never know when you might need the help yourself.
  • Be friendly
    If your company’s customers and clients like you and can depend on you, that goes a long way in the eyes of your employer. Be helpful, friendly and courteous when you meet clients or speak to them on the phone.
  • Be a professional
    I love to have fun at work. It makes my day more enjoyable. I laugh and joke when I can, but I am also a professional and take my role seriously. There is a time for fun and games and then there is a time to get to work. Know the difference and keep a good balance at work.