27 April 2008

Using Autocorrect in Word

I am always looking for shortcuts and I found a neat way to speed up my typing using AutoCorrect. For example, here are a few I have created.

If I type sbc and press the spacebar (or press enter) it automatically types SENT BY COURIER. Here are some others I use:


Your Autocorrect shortforms are case sensitive, so choose whether they will be lower case or upper case. I have found lower case easier to remember.

I use sbc instead of SC because SC is also a short form for South Carolina and if you don't pay attention you may have SENT BY COURIER in an address where you really wanted the state SC. So I add the ‘b’ to avoid that.

You can create an AutoCorrect for as many words as you like, but unless they are simple you will tend to forget your shortcut. I use mine often, and because they are the initials, they are very easy to remember. So try and keep it simple.

To create an AutoCorrect shortcut in Word go under Tools – AutoCorrect - Replace: sbc With: SENT BY COURIER. Create as many as you like, then press OK and you are set.

In Microsoft 2007 the instructions are as follows:
In the Customize Quick Access Toolbar located at the top left-hand corner of your screen, click on the arrow down.

  • Choose More Commands
  • On the left-hand side click on Proofing
  • Click on the Autocorrect Options button
  • Ensure Replace Text as you Type is clicked on
  • In the Replace box type in your short form, for example sbc
  • In the With box type in SENT BY COURIER
  • Press Add

Autocorrect Quick Tip for Typos
When you do a SpellCheck in your Word document and a typo is found, you will notice in the SpellCheck dialogue box there is a button for Autocorrect. If the word in the Suggestions is the word you want, click on Autocorrect and it will automatically go into your list of Autocorrect words. If you make that typo again it will be corrected for you.

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