5 April 2008

Blogging Etiquette: Does it Matter if There are Typos?

Writing in our jobs should be without typos. Nobody is perfect and a typo will get by us at times, but it should be the exception and not the norm as we are representing our companies by our written product.

What about writing on a blog? Should we take the same care in proofing our blog posts? Writing on a blog is not as formal, although I still try to write without typos as I am representing myself. When I have gone on other blogs and there are typos I find it hard to pass them by and it interrupts my reading and unfortunately takes away from the message. Does it matter? What do you think? Can you enjoy a post with typos or does it distract you?

I would not waste the blogger's or reader’s time posting comments about their typos in their post. I have responded however on an interactive administrative job forum in regards to errors in a post. Someone was wondering why they couldn’t find a job as an admin assistant and their post was filled with errors and typos. There is a difference. A typo is a misprint and can happen to anyone. An error says to me that you don’t know the correct word to use, i.e. advice or advise, their or there etc. which would make a difference if applying for an administrative assistant job. Part of our job as an assistant is to correct grammar and spelling to make the end work product look professional.

Typos in comments are more common and acceptable as you can’t go back and edit so you have an excuse. Bottom line would be to proofread your post or comment and do a SpellCheck.

I’m not sure you will agree with her, but take a look at what the Brazen Careerist has to say about typos in a blog post. Although this may be the new way of thinking. I remember when my daughter was in school, spelling and grammar were not as important as it was in my day.

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