16 April 2008

Ideas for Administrative Professionals’ Week

Hmmm... what do I think would be a good gift idea for an assistant on AP Day? I know it's gotten commercialized just like every other special day, but I love getting presents so as long as we're celebrating I'm going to enjoy it. Here are a few things I think would be good gifts:

· Paid membership to an administrative assistant professional association
· Educational opportunities
· Donation to a charity in admin’s name
· Gift certificate
· Luncheon either catered in the office or at a restaurant
· Flowers
· Saying thank you
· Getting us a coffee...

I don't drink coffee, so tea for me please...At a few offices I’ve worked in they provided a luncheon served by our bosses. They are at our beck and call and I take full advantage of it by asking for “seconds please”. I love it!

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