29 April 2008

Spring Cleaning Time

This is the time of year for spring cleaning and your office probably needs a good clean up too. Make your desk clutter free inside and out. You should have as much working space as possible. Have a place for everything and use it.

Keep your drawers neat and tidy. Recycle extra staplers, scissors, highlighters and pens that you do not need. Use a drawer organizer so you can separate items and make things neat.

This is a good time to close out old files and fix up some of the current ones.

Organize your document management system creating folders and subfolders to organize things better. Do the same with Outlook. Make subfolders that you can drag and drop things into.

Is there anything in the office fridge that belongs to you? Go through the fridge and either take containers home (if you dare) or throw it out. If it’s been there for awhile you might not recognize it anymore.

Put your name on your lunch containers. Use a piece of masking tape and you can easily write your name on an item.

Do you have food in your drawers? Crackers, cookies or snack foods that are stale and old. Throw them out.

Clean out the closets. Are there extra sweaters, shoes, mittens or hats that might belong to you? Bring them home. It would be a good idea to keep one sweater at work for when the air conditioner is turned on. It can get pretty cold in the office.

We are normally responsible to keep our desktop clean and wiped down. This would be a good time to do a real clean up and get rid of those dust balls that have accumulated.

Clean your computer screen. I am usually trying to type while looking around the fingerprints on the screen.

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