25 February 2008

The New Hire

When someone new is hired these are the things I look for:
  • Do they ask questions? People sometimes feel when they are new they shouldn't ask questions because we might think they are not qualified. I get worried if they don't ask questions. I can gauge how much they are taking in by the questions they ask.
  • Do they write things down? I like to see someone writing things down, then I feel I can relax. If they don't write it down I wonder if they are getting it and then I feel the need to follow up so it stays on my plate.
  • What about initiative? Initiative is good and necessary, but if you are new take the time to learn until you can stand on your own two feet. When you start to feel confident then you can start taking initiative. Too much initiative at first scares me as I want them to slow down and make sure they think before they leap.

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Foley-In-Charge said...

Great Stuff, Patricia! Keep it up. KMKFoley