25 February 2008

Employment Gaps

There is likely a time in your career when you took a break to either raise a family, take care of an elderly or sick family member, go to school, travel the world or whatever the reason may be, this will show an employment gap on your resume. These gaps are noticed. How do you explain it to a potential employer?

Be Honest

I have found that honesty is the best policy, but you do not need to go into detail unless you are asked for further information. We all have lives outside of work and sometimes we need to take some extended time off for a number of reasons. Be prepared to give a brief reason for your absence. Your reason can give the potential employer a glimpse into what type of person you are.

As a single mom I took time off to raise my daughter, which was difficult financially, but I felt necessary. The person who interviewed me thought that what I had done was honourable and I ended up getting the job. I had the necessary skills for the job, but by being honest he was able to see that I was not only qualified, but was a responsible and honest person, which are good qualities to have in an employee.

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