10 February 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner?

When Susan Johnston agreed to accept my guest post and then told me that she had posted it on her site, I immediately felt the need to go to my site to do some quick housecleaning to welcome any guests that might come to my site.

As I was tidying things up and putting a fresh article for new visitors to read, I had the same feeling I do when I have visitors in my home.

When I know someone is coming for a visit, I will quickly run the vacuum cleaner in the living room, puff up the pillows on the sofa, dust my coffee table and perhaps even put some fresh flowers out to make it look inviting and welcoming to my guests.

In that sense, my blogspot is like my home. I want it to be appealing and welcoming to any visitor who might stop by. I hope they will see that their visit was anticipated and I put some thought into preparing for them.

Please come in

When I have guests in my home, I am aware that I am the hostess and I have some responsibility to make their stay enjoyable and fun and would not purposely engage them in an argument or offend anyone. I also only invite those into my home that I want to be there and feel friendly and comfortable with.

On my blog I have the same feeling. It is important to me that I not purposely offend anyone with what I write. I am also aware that I have a responsibility as to who I invite on my site as a guest and what I allow to be posted. When Susan asked for guest bloggers I knew that she was the hostess and it was up to her if she accepted my post or not and she had a say on the content as well. It was only right as it is her home blog.

Conversations over coffee

When I have visitors in my home I want to have good conversations and anticipate having them over so I can speak with them and tell them my adventures and thoughts and I want to hear all about theirs.

On my blog I feel the same. I want to have interesting topics for my visitors. I want to entertain them with some amusing story and tell them about my day at work and what I learned and give them something they might be able to relate to or use themselves.

There’s no place like home

When I go on vacation and visit someone it is always fun and relaxing, but near the end of my visit I start to anticipate my return home.

I have discovered bloggers are a community of writers of some sort or another. It’s nice that we can visit each other from time to time, but I have to admit, there’s no place like home.

As I am settling back into my writing – It is good to be home on my own blog.

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