22 February 2008

Need not apply

I told the mailroom staff I was going to apply for a job with them. They said that I need not apply.

Were they saying I was not qualified? Actually, I know I would be horrible at the job and obviously they know it too. Collating, copying, binding, stacking and couriering is not my thing.

It takes all kinds of skills and people to run an office efficiently and having someone who can do a job well and be suited to it is a good match.

I asked them if what they were trying to say was that they didn't mind me visiting, but wouldn't want me to live there. After a chorus of yeses I got the point.


Foley-In-Charge said...

Hilarious! I understand the feeling.. there are people in my office who feel the same way about me.. they like having me in the building..but maybe not working with their team!

Great stuff

Anonymous said...

This is actually quite true. You might have a position where you get paid more or have more authority over matters. But when you have certain skills and they don't apply, it's understandable that you won't be able to do the particular job.


Richard Rinyai