19 April 2008

The Power Behind the Executive. All in a days work...

Today starts Administrative Professionals’ Week. The whole week is set aside to acknowledge what we do every day.

The first time I realized the importance of our job was when I was working as a young secretary in my first job. I was creating some organization charts for my boss and noticed that the secretary was listed beside the director of our department. The other executives were then listed with their respective secretaries beside them. The organization chart gave me a different view of what I did. I began to see my job as important and useful.

I have since worked for executives who have given televised speeches, lawyers who have worked on high profile legal cases and doctors who have done notable research. I have seen my work in the papers they have submitted, in the words they spoke in their speeches and knew the results of a case because of a document I filed with the court. Our job is a behind-the-scenes job, but an important one. We report directly to the executive and are involved in their success. We are entrusted with confidential information and work hard to create a product that will make them and our company look good. We should be proud of the work we do and the trust we are given.

Most executives I know are very appreciative of the work their assistants do. I see it when we plan to take our holidays. They get anxious as to who will assist them when we are away. They also get cranky when we take a sick day off as they weren’t expecting to be without the help for one or two days.

I have worked for some executives who were more administratively challenged than others and required more assistance. One executive I know says her assistant will always have job security while working for her. She could not be without her assistant.

OK, so who really runs the office?

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Week everyone! I hope your employer’s appreciate all the work you do and show you that everyday, but especially on this special day and throughout the week.

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