8 April 2008

Interview Question and Answer Series: #2

Who will you choose as a reference (and I would suggest you have at least three people in mind)? Depending on where you are at in your career, this can be difficult. If you are just starting out, your biggest fan will be your mother, but I wouldn't recommend putting a family member or close friend down as a reference. If you have just graduated from college, a teacher would make a good choice and if you have been on the job for a few years a good reference would be a supervisor or a co-worker. No matter who you choose, be prepared because you may be asked this question at the interview:

What will your references say about you?

Your references are people that you have chosen, therefore you should be able to say that they will have positive things to say about you. However, you may want to review with your referee what they will say about you. Ensure your references know they may get a call, from what company and the job applied for. A 'ready' referee is the best kind. Don't forget to follow up with your referees, especially if you get the job. A thank you card is lovely to receive. They won't mind doing it again next time.

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