25 April 2017

Looking the Part

I attended an event today on minute taking.  Our organization set it up for Admin Professionals' Week.  Unfortunately, my first impression of the speaker was not very good because she was dressed down and looked rather frumpy.  I don't believe in judging a book by its cover, but I was amazed at how easily my mind went there and how I equated how she looked to what she had to say. 

I was happy that my first impression had been wrong.  The presentation had all the key aspects of basic minute taking, and because that was her audience, it was helpful and informative to the group.  I appreciated the work the speaker had put into the presentation and the fact she made herself available to our group.  She was however a paid speaker so I would have expected more. 

This incident today just reinforced to me again that whether we like it or not, how we present ourselves really does make a difference in how we are received.  We only have a few seconds to make a good first impression and whether we are speaking or going to a job interview, we should make it count, because it really does matter.

That is why I appreciate the charity Dress for Success.  Donations of business clothes are collected for people who are going on an interview or just starting a new job and otherwise couldn't afford clothes for the office.  It can make all the difference before you get your first pay cheque.

This Administrative Professionals' week, if you are able, why not consider donating to this worthy cause.  Or if you are in need, look them up in your city and take advantage of this very needed support.

Happy Admin Professionals' week everyone!