17 April 2008

Personal Admin Horror Stories

I came across this article on personal admin horror stories that I thought you might get a kick out of reading.

Some of my memorable moments are...

I remember making travel arrangements for my boss who was travelling to New York City for a meeting. I was not aware there were three main airports that he could fly to: JFK, LaGuardia and Newark International Airport. I had him flying into LaGuardia but his hotel room and meeting were right across town closer to another airport. Oops!

One dinner event I organized I must have been having a chocolate craving when I arranged the menu items. After a great meal the dessert was served – a rich chocolate cake. Break time came around and I look and there are chocolate chip cookies and chocolate crunch bars. At the next break I looked with dismay as they brought out chocolate brownies. On the event evaluation 95% of the attendees suggested that next year we not have chocolate on the menu.

And last but not least...

I went to the gym after work on a Friday evening. I had a great workout and went back to the office to get my purse and things to bring home. I always take my gym laundry home on Friday to wash over the weekend. On Monday morning as I was madly trying to get out the door, I couldn’t find my gym clothes. Did I not bring them home? Where were they? I left for work thinking perhaps I had left them in my gym bag at work. When I walked into the office and got to my desk, there they were, on my desk with my bra sitting right on top of the bundle.

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