7 April 2008

Forget about going to the gym and dieting. I lost 5 lbs. just putting my pantyhose on this morning...

Don't you just love laughing? I do. I once went on an interview and was so comfortable with the people who were interviewing me that I told a joke. After the interview I kept telling my friends that I couldn’t believe I had told a joke at an interview. I had never done that before. I ended up getting hired, not because of my joke, but it was obvious in the interview that we were going to get along quite nicely.

A Funny Thing Happened at the Office

The two people I worked for were quite funny. I often told them they should take their show on the road as they were always bouncing jokes off each other. Some days it was like being in a Monty Python movie. It was the most fun working environment I had ever been in. It was also the busiest office I had ever worked in. If you work in a high stress office, laughter is a good addition to help relieve the tension.

My comedic duo has since broken up, but it has left me with a funny bone mentality when it comes to working. I love to laugh and to make people laugh, but there is a fine line between laughing too much and not working enough. There has to be a balance.

Laughter: The Best Medicine

Laughter can get you through many of life's difficult situations and can be a great stress reliever. A tense situation at work, then someone cracks a joke and we laugh. The situation is still there, but now the tension is gone and we have a smile on our face as we try to tackle the problem.

Life is humorous. You can find humour on the bus, at the office and with your family and friends. The funniest things are the things people do and say.

When was the last time you had a real belly laugh? Try to find something to make you laugh. Laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. Laugh so hard that tears are coming out of your eyes.

Laughter is good for your soul. We need it every day to keep healthy physically and emotionally. So have a good laugh whether at work or at home. Better yet, spread a good laugh around. Did you ever notice that laughter is contagious? One person laughs and the next person will start smiling until everyone has been touched by the laughter.

By the way if you didn't figure it out, my pantyhose were slimmer pantyhose...I picked them up by mistake, but I think I'm on to a good thing...

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