4 October 2008

Kings and Queens of the Office

A friend was telling me about an Executive Assistant who has taken on a superior attitude at work and seems to think she is the Queen, looking down her nose on all her subjects, the other assistants. How can you survive in this kind of a working environment?

Of course we know that people like this are not the Queen and their self-importance is only from themselves, but they can sure make your life miserable while you are in their kingdom.

The head of your organization can often set the tone for how the rest of the office functions. If they are a team player then that filters down to the staff, but if they are the King of the Hill, then that also starts to filter down and people start to feel more important than they should and a lot of power struggles start happening and back-biting.

Even though you may have someone in your office that is like this, that does not mean you have to become involved. To work effectively, I have always found working as a team is the best working situation. Everyone helping each other and working together to achieve the goals of the organization. Here are some ways that I have found can help:

  • Be friendly and pleasant to all your co-workers;
  • Do your work to the best of your ability;
  • Find co-workers you can work with and develop good working relationships with them and help each other;
  • Keep good records, you never know when you will need them to cover yourself. Kings and Queens like to blame others when they fail;
  • Evaluate your own behaviour and make sure you are not part of the problem;
  • Try to keep a good work/life balance and know that your job is only part of your life, not all of it.

Take a deep breath. It is only work and there are more important things in the big scheme of life. Start a new attitude at work, beginning with your own and see how your good attitude can spread throughout the office. Perhaps even on a little royalty as you pass their way.