26 October 2008

Repeating Headers and Footers while in Sections

Someone was asking on another site how to repeat a footer for just one section in a document, i.e. a table. I called my helpline (my sister) and she wrote the following instructions. She said it would be the same instructions for a table or a document in Word.

These are instructions for Word 2003.

"I had a 6 page table and I changed the footer on page 2 and then again on page 5.

In this example, I did the following:

Go to the end of page 1, i.e. the last cell (bottom right), or after the last word on the page.

  • Insert
  • Break
  • Next Page
    your cursor will bump you to the "next page" (page 2).

    When on the next page (or page 2)
  • View the footer
  • In the View footer pop-up menu you will see an icon that looks like eyeglasses (formally called the "Link to Previous" button)
  • Click on this icon so that it is not depressed (or selected)
    Once it is unselected, you can type whatever you want in as your new footer and it will not change page 1
  • Close the footer pop-up menu. You will see that the page 2 footer continues on until you change it again, i.e. I wanted to change the footer on page 5 as well so I went to the end of page 4 (last cell bottom right - or if in a Word document, then after the last word on a page...)
  • Insert
  • Break
  • Next Page
    the cursor bumped me to the "next page" (page 5)
    and I was able to type in a different footer which continued on until the end of the document.

    Repeat this for each page that you want a different footer on.

    NOTE: This is the same way you change a header. If you want to change the header on separate pages, you have to do the same as above, only select header instead of footer. "
    Lynn Crosbie

Hope this was helpful. I haven't tried it because I have Word 2007 and the instructions did not work for me.

I am not sure why the Comments sections is not working on my blog, but a reader e-mailed me with this Comment:

"The reason it did not work for you is that you have to create a “Section Break”, not just a page break. In Word 2007, you go to Page Layout, Breaks, Section Breaks.