14 October 2008

October 15th, Blog Action Day: Poverty

I am participating in Blog Action Day and the theme this year is Poverty.

I previously wrote an article on Charities in the Workplace and have seen an increase in the participation in charities at offices I have worked in. I think by rallying together around a cause whether it be poverty at home or abroad, or any other good cause, it is important for an office to be part of their community and show the world we care.

One of the charities I personally support is WorldVision, who lend support to children who are thrown into poverty by war, by their geographic location or any number of reasons. Children are so innocent and are often the victims when they lose parents or live in a poor area of the world. How fortunate we are in North America, but even here there are people living below the poverty line.

I support three children through World Vision and feel although it is a small drop in the bucket, many drops will fill the bucket to overflowing so I would encourage others to look into charities that help relieve the sufferings of people in poverty around the world.

One office I worked in together sponsored a child as a workplace charity project. We all participated by writing to our sponsored child and contributed money towards supporting her.

There are many things we can do as employees to better our world, even while at work. Take up a cause today at your office and rally your co-workers to reach out and touch someone who is less fortunate than yourself.