15 June 2008

Welcome to your first day on the job...

There is a lot to remember when welcoming new employees. You want to make sure they get a tour of the office and proper introductions are made. You want to show them where the kitchen is and where the washroom is located (restroom to my American friends).

If you are lucky, your new employer will have a time of orientation and training before you actually go to your assigned desk. But what about the little things? I find some things get forgotten as we welcome new employees.

Have you ever arrived at a new job to a clean and sanitized work station? Some of the things we use really should be replaced or sanitized before expecting a new worker to use them.


Our hands are all over our keyboards. Some people also eat at their desk and food can get in between the keys. Previously used keyboards should be cleaned out and sanitized for the new person and in some cases replaced.


We speak into our telephone receivers and punch in phone numbers on the keypad. A telephone is definitely a place where germs can hide. Take the time to wipe it down before subjecting a new employee to another person's telephone.


I can't believe I even have to mention this one, but when I have started a new job it is usually someone else's earphones I am expected to use. A new employee should definitely be given new earphones.

The Mouse and Mousepad

A mouse is another thing we have our hands all over and should be wiped down or replaced for the new worker. And there is no excuse for using an old mousepad, they are cheap and easy to replace.

The next time you are welcoming a new employee and going through your checklist of things you need to do for them, consider cleaning and sanitizing their desk and work area. Wipe down the computer screen and for goodness sake don't give them used mousepads and earphones. We would never give a guest in our home a used toothbrush to use. Think along those lines with the new employee and welcome them to a clean environment.