16 November 2007

Nuts, Bolts & Jolts by Richard A. Moran: BOOK REVIEW

This is just the neatest book! Richard Moran has a saying for just about everything to do with your career, the boss, general life at the office and even business travel. It is fun to read and humorous, but also has some great advice.

It is written for both the employee and the boss. He has captured office life to a tee with his sayings. He obviously has been around and knows what he is talking about.

I used this quote for my thoughts for the day last week, but it is worth repeating.

"There are at least two people you should never offend: your boss's assistant and your boss's spouse. Either could make your life miserable."

Smart man!

I enjoyed it a lot and would give it a 5++.

He has another book of office sayings called, "Fear No Yellow Stickies" and both can be purchased at Amazon.com.
"Fear No Yellow Stickies" is a smaller volume and could fit in your purse or back pocket to pull out and use whenever you want to wow someone with a brilliant saying. I have it on my desk at work and have had many people comment on it and pick it up for a quick read.
Happy reading everyone!

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