20 November 2007

First things first:What to do first when you get in in the morning?

There are so many things we need to check when we first come into work in the morning: voicemail, email, regular mail and faxes and couriers. What should we do first?

I have been finding it is important to check my voicemail first thing. Email at least can be flagged as urgent, but your voicemail you have no idea until you listen to it how important it is, so best to check that first.

Then I check my email. I usually start from the bottom up and go through the emails, unless something is flagged ‘Urgent’ then I go to that right away. Be careful though and watch for the same subject line as you may answer an email and find another email further up that says “please ignore my previous email”.

Faxes and couriers have to be dealt with on an ‘as received’ basis as usually they are sending the information that way because there is some urgency to it.

Then lastly it comes down to opening and sorting the regular mail and the junk mail and distributing it appropriately.

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