16 November 2007

Did I Save That???

Save your documents regularly. Using the quick key Ctrl S makes it very easy to do. Get in the habit of saving after every few sentences (or sooner).

Another good reason for using Quick Keys:
What would you do if your mouse stopped working and you had open on your screen multiple documents and emails and you didn't remember if you had saved all of them. You wouldn't want to press Ctrl Alt Delete as that would boot you out of the program and you would lose any unsaved data. A good tip my sister gave me (as this happened to her recently) is to use Alt F4 or Ctrl F4 to close the documents, as it will close each of them individually and if the document hasn't been saved you will have the opportunity to save each before closing?

Alt F4 closes the program and Ctrl F4 closes the document.

Submitted by Lynn, Administrative Assistant

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Anonymous said...

This actually would have helped me quite a bit. The power went out on Thursday afternoon, about 30 mins before I had to leave and was working on an Excel file.

It was quite a large project and luckily I just started it. Then the power blew and realized afterwards that I forgot to manually save my work. I didn't have auto-save on, so I had to start it all over again.


Richard Rinyai