2 August 2007

A Different Kind of Networking...

In all my years as a secretary I have found having a network of other assistants has been a tremendous help when I just can't figure out how to word a sentence in a letter or if I'm wondering where to look to find the information I urgently need, or even "Do you know of an opening, I have to get out of this job!"... What a help knowing I have these people that I can email or phone and get an answer to my dilemma in minutes, including another job opportunity. Sometimes I think my boss thinks "I know all things", but he doesn't know my secret... and that is my secretarial network.

Because of this, I thought I would form this blog for other secretaries where we can share what we have learnt over the years or ask questions we need help with.

I have found that the other assistants you work with can be your greatest resource. Treat them with respect and you will find a wealth of information and help and make your working environment a more pleasant place to be each day.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea...and I'm volunteering for any English to French translations or French to English translations when needed. I truly hope that this network grows.

I will share this link with all the secretaries I know.

Lynn said...

Networking with your secretary friends is definitely the way to go. As my old boss used to say, "Why re-invent the wheel?". My friends call me all the time to find out how to do things, and I call them when I know they have done something similar to what I need to do. You don't need to "know it all", you just need to have some great connections!