25 August 2007

Dressing for the Office

How important is it to your career how you dress at the office? Here is what Marjorie Brody, Fabjob.com, says: "Most business professionals recognize that the expression,"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression" is true. The simple fact is that in and out of the business world, people are judged on their wardrobe. The clothing you wear can have an adverse affect on your career."1

Our office thought it was important enough that they organized an event for the assistants and invited a clothing consultant to speak on proper business wear, buying clothing on a budget and tips for office makeup, accessories and hairstyles. I felt it was well worth the effort, but it also showed me how important the topic was to them as an employer.

Here is a helpful link that gives good advice on dressing for the office.2

1 Brody, Marjorie, "Advice & Ideas", Wardrobe Wisdom for Men and Women, http://www.fabjob.com/tips131.html, (accessed August 25, 2007)
Ramsey, Lydia, Proper Business Attire, http://www.sideroad.com/Business_Attire/proper-business-attire.htmm, (accessed August 25, 2007)

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