19 January 2009

Training On-line

Recently someone asked me a question about training on-line so I thought I would share the answer in a post.

The good thing about on-line courses, is anyone can do it from anywhere. I use a place based in Toronto, Canada called Last Minute Training. It works in the same way as last minute flights do. When it gets closer to the course date and it doesn't look like they will fill the seats, they offer the course at a cheaper price.

They can slot you into courses, either online or live classrooms that are happening tomorrow or later on. I have found them to be really helpful.

They can be contacted at: Louis@lastminutetraining.ca

The last online course I took was under $70 and was interactive using both the computer and a speaker phone for audio. It was a convenient alternative to a live classroom, but I still do appreciate the classroom setting and nothing can compare with the people you meet and discussions you can have with your classmates during a break.

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