19 January 2009

10 Things = Frustration

  1. When one team member doesn’t want to play.
  2. Managing your workload from home when you don’t have everything you need.
  3. When e-mail gets complicated and you lose a critical e-mail in a subfolder.
  4. Checking your e-mail account after coming back from vacation.
  5. When the Receptionist, or a co-worker, transfers a call without letting you know they are sending it. You usually answer according to what you see on the display and say “Hi”, thinking it is an internal call, but they are transferring an outside call so you end up sounding unprofessional.
  6. Meeting documents: some people have it printed single sided and others double sided. It is very hard to follow along when not all members have the document printed the same way. It is comical watching everyone trying to sort out which way to hold the paper.
  7. E-mail address memory: when it's not who you want to send it to, but you press send anyway.
  8. Imposing recognition of birthdays on everyone in the office whether you want to or not.
  9. My default is black and white, but my printer's default is colour.
  10. A boss who procrastinates (I hope my boss is reading this)...


CdnYankee said...

RE: #5 - As a "receptionist" myself, I feel a need to defend our not always letting you know who is calling.

The switchboard can get so busy at times that it's just not possible to introduce every call that comes through (except, of course, for those calling for the big bosses).

The cure: always answer the phone professionally - this way you're never caught off-guard.

Patricia Robb said...

I am happy to hear from a receptionist. I certainly appreciate all the hard work you do. I was a receptionist once and had to answer 60 lines. It was a satellite office so each line was for a different company. Challenging is an understatement.

I agree that we should always answer the phone professionally, but if it is a co-worker calling, it seems silly to say "Patricia Robb speaking, Executive Assistant to the CEO, may I help you?" and then it's only the Receptionist calling to ask me if I can come to the front to relieve her on phone duty while she goes for lunch. So the next time a call comes in from the Receptionist I think, OK so it's just her so I say "Hi" and then it is an external call she is patching through and she hasn't told me.

Urgh! Sorry, this one still bothers me.

Chelsea said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the email autofill... so handy, but yet so dangerous! :)

Patricia Robb said...

I shut it off!

E-mail Options
Advanced E-mail Options
Unclick “Suggest names while completing To, cc and bcc…”

My life is much simply now with less stress.

Foley-In-Charge said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this one... I really like the number 1- team player issue..

then I sigh, count to 100, and say.. How important is it, really? (to myself)...