21 March 2009

How to get Office fat fast...

I've been gaining weight lately and couldn't figure out why until I started to look at my new office habits.

How to gain weight in six easy steps:
  1. Do not eat breakfast before going to work. You can always buy a quick croissant or sticky bun to get you through the morning;

  2. Never bring a lunch to work. The specials at the cafeteria in your building will certainly have something greasy and fattening for your enjoyment;

  3. Don't take a lunch break. Stay at your desk and continue to work (while quickly gulping down the above greasy fast food);
  4. Don't drink lots of water during the day, it will only make you have to leave your desk more often;
  5. When you need a quick pick me up visit the office candy bowl for a sugar high or better yet, keep a candy bowl at your own desk to save steps;

  6. Try not to schedule exercise into your work day. You don't have time anyway!

An ACE commissioned study found that secretaries, teachers, lawyers and police officers walked significantly fewer steps and less distance than other occupations. At the low end, secretaries were observed to walk only an average of 4,327 steps. The recommended goal being 10,000 steps a day.

Try to eat healthy, and please make some time for exercise. I know I am going to change my habits.

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lisacozz said...

I agree with all these. My company has a cafeteria which is also very dangerous to the waist line.

I make time every day to either go to Curves or go for a walk. It's also a great way to feel invigorated for the afternoon.